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*** หากตัวเล่นหนังยังไม่แสดงกรุณารอ 5 วินาที และกดปุ่ม "รีเฟชหนังไม่เล่น"

เรื่องย่อ Greedy (1994)

          Meet the McTeagues. They ve come to stake a claim in their wealthy uncle s will… only he s not dead yet! Michael J. Fox, Kirk Douglas and Nancy Travis star in this wickedly funny comedy of heirs. As his family tries to get rich the old-fashioned way - groveling - Uncle Joe (Douglas) watches them elevate back-stabbing and brown-nosing to a whole new level. From the creators of Parenthood and City Slickers , Greedy is proof positive that money can buy lots of laughs